About Us

We are here to respond to the urgency of the global pandemic. We understand the immediate need for superior protection with premium PPE products.

Curine Trading is here to source for premium trusted PPE products and services for you.

Through the years, we have cultivated a strong network with leading manufacturers of Nitrile Gloves, 3M Masks, Surgical Gowns, and other PPE gear. Through this, we are able to respond to the growing and immediate need for premium PPE globally.

We pledge to uphold customer service to the highest standards. It is our company’s goal to respond and follow up to every enquiry received. However, we will only prioritize genuine enquiries.

Our team is here to coordinate the process from door to door to ensure an efficient and smooth process of all orders.

With consistent monitoring of demands, we keep stock of high necessity items in our warehouse.

It is our priority to ensure finished goods meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers. We ensure that all goods are inspected and verified by 3rd party SGS or equivalent. Once all certifications and documents are verified, loading on freight begins. Sea & airfreight are both available options for you.

With a panel of freight forwarders, we choose the most competitive rates to ensure our customers get their product in time.

We continuously monitor the timeline and update our customers accordingly.